Grounding Tips for Your Digital Marketing

Ultimate Aim: grab attention of people (drive traffic) and show them your product.

1.         Your job is to know your audience. In order to know your audience, answer these questions.

         > Who is your audience?

         > How do you find them?

2.         Prepare your product: Branding, Social media, Online search, Email marketing. Your ideal mixture of these elements will be grounded upon your audience, as according to your product/service - people will search in different digital spaces.

3.         Make a Sale: The right sales funnel, configured the proper way, can automate your marketing and help you scale your income on autopilot.

4.         Measure and optimise: Look at your above process and alter it. Where are your weaknesses in the above? What do you need to fix? What could you do better? It could be just one of many factors hindering your online performance; your backlinks, your site speed, your content or many other factors.

If you miss to reflect on your digital process and times change - your competitors make new products, new competitors appear - you will not understand where it’s all gone wrong. The online environment changes quickly and you need to adapt to this change without delay. If you don’t and your online sales starts to decline, knowing your four step process and constantly monitoring it will show you some warning signs before a potential.

10 Reasons Why

1. Know your online customers well enough
2. So you know (and can grow) your online audience and market share
3. Prevent existing and start-ups or competitors gaining market share
4. To have a powerful online value proposition
5. So you have a direction
6. You are integrated (not disintegrated)
7. Your digital activity has enough people/budget to support growth - given its importance
8. You are not wasting money and time online - do what works for your brand
9. You are agile to catch up and stay ahead
10. You are constantly optimising and reattaching your learnings.

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