Lotte Karolina Gabrovits

We Build Better Brands

I am a judge at several global wine competitions, an educator and consultant as well as former ‘group lead’ in the buying department for Lidl Germany after having worked at the international mother company in the marketing department. I was also responsible for being the creative mind doing the wine related content and built marketing concept for the 32 countries.
Since having gained a BSc and double degree MSc in horticulture with a focus on viticulture and oenology at the TU Munich/ Corvinus University Budapest and a second MA in international wine marketing in Austria, at Eisenstadt I have travelled the globe, exploring wine regions from the classics like Burgundy and Champagne, to rising stars such as Santorini and lesser-known wine growing regions such as Lebanon and Zimbabwe, though my heart is still beating for the wines of Hungary.
This is how I have started my own business GabrovitsL. Wine Consulting, spreading the word of wine throughout the world, especially focussing on the wines of Hungary, and some more wines off the beaten path.


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